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Collection: Oily Skin

What Is Oily Skin?

When your skin gleams more than you'd like it to, it's likely a sign of an oily skin type. Excessive sebum, or skin oil, is the culprit behind the shimmering surface. It not only gifts you an unwanted glow but also paves the way for clogged pores and subsequent acne breakouts, if not properly taken care of.

Tackling oily skin involves understanding its root causes and finding solutions tailored to your skin's needs. Armed with this knowledge, you can transform your slick skin into a naturally luminous and healthy-looking complexion.

Causes of Oily Skin
Often, oily skin is genetic. Though you can't entirely prevent it, you can still manage it. Hormonal changes are another common cause. The first step to controlling oily skin? Listen to your body. Consuming a balanced diet rich in hydrating fluids, fruits, and vegetables nurtures your skin from within. Steering clear of fatty and oily foods can make a world of difference.

On the surface level, beware of oil-based skincare products as they can exacerbate oiliness and clog pores. It's also essential to keep your hands off your face as they can transfer dirt, oil, and bacteria, exacerbating the oil issue.
Products for Oily Skin

Developing a skincare routine with the right products, diligently followed morning and evening, is pivotal. Don't be aggressive with your cleansing regimen as harsh scrubbing can irritate your skin and strip your skin of the good oils that protect your skin.

Those blessed with oily skin should gravitate towards 'noncomedogenic' products - those that won't block or clog your pores. Opt for oil-free formulas when selecting cleansers, moisturizers, and makeup. For cleansers, mild, foaming options are ideal for sweeping away excess dirt and oil. Avoid alcohol or oil-based products as they could add fuel to the fire of your oily skin concerns.

Moisturizing is crucial, even for oily skin. During the day, pick a moisturizer with SPF to shield your skin. Look for sunscreens containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are beneficial for oily skin types. Stay away from oils or fragrances as they could potentially stir up more issues.

For makeup, water-based, oil-free formulations are your best bet. Always take time to cleanse away makeup before bedtime, as leaving it on overnight can wreak havoc, especially on oily skin.

In conclusion, controlling oily skin is possible. And with the expert care and high-quality products offered by Natural Beauty Spa, your journey towards achieving a balanced, radiant complexion can be a rewarding one. Begin your skin transformation journey with us today, and embrace the beauty of healthy, natural skin.