Erin is a licensed esthetician bringing her hand selected natural products to her customers everywhere


Natural Beauty Spa is a place for women and men who are seeking a holistic approach to wellness. Natural and organic products will leave your skin feeling restored, rejuvenated, and deserving of discovering your own Natural Beauty.

Natural Beauty Spa is run by a management team of intuitive, fun, self-starting leaders who have a like-minded consciousness of wellness. They bring extreme loyalty, integrity, and respectful compassion to skincare health. Together, they have helped thousands find natural beauty through natural and organic products.

History of Natural Beauty Spa

Our founder Erin VanValkenburg is a northern California native. She has been an esthetician and massage therapist for 14 years. She first fell in love with the spa world when working as a mud bath attendant in Calistoga. She loved the nurturing and welcoming environment, along with the physical and spiritual transformation she saw in women and men after they experienced a relaxing spa treatment.

Erin has always loved helping people and knew from an early age that she wanted a career that would support positive healing. After working at a resort, she realized that what she loves most about the spa world is helping repeat clients uncover their natural beauty over time. She has seen first-hand the difference the right home skincare routine can make in helping women feel better and more confident. 

Most of all, Erin is dedicated to helping women uncover their natural beauty without turning to surgery or harsh products. Natural Beauty Spa online is an environment that is comforting, safe and supportive.