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What Are Mists and Toners and How Do You Know Which One to Pick?

Can a toner or a mist help you with your skincare routine? Absolutely! But knowing more about them will help you figure out what you need for your skin. Here’s what toners and mists do and how they can benefit your complexion for the long haul.

What Are Toners and Mists?
Toners are an astringent that you apply after the cleansing step. They can give a deeper clean and minimize the appearance of your pores. Facial mists nourish the skin with hydration and keep it feeling refreshed.

You can use both of them or choose one to use, depending on your skin’s needs. Some people use a toner after they cleanse and then use a mist to refresh later in the day. Mists are great because you can tuck them into your bag and spritz away any time.

What Are the Benefits to Using a Toner or Mist?
Let’s talk about the benefits of toners first. These skincare products minimize the look of your pores. That means you’ll have a smoother, more youthful look, even without makeup. Skin will tighten up too when you use a toner, and it can balance your oil production, something that is important for acne-prone skin.

Even without breakout problems, a toner is an asset in your skincare routine because it removes oil, dirt, and grime while preparing your skin for the following steps of serum and moisturizer.

Face mists have a different set of benefits. They infuse skin with humectants and emollients to hydrate. Mists are incredibly refreshing and reviving, making them the ultimate go-to when you’re on the go. They won’t mess up your makeup, and they can also be used prior to applying any makeup to seal in more moisture and create a smooth, hydrated canvas. Additionally, mists tend to have aromatherapy properties to calm and soothe you during a stressful day.

How to Choose the Right Toner or Mist?
For toners, always choose something without any alcohol. The idea is to add an extra cleanse to sweep pores clean without drying out your skin, priming it for the best absorption of the other products in your skincare routine. Anything with alcohol will leave skin feeling dried out, causing it to overproduce sebum, leading to other skin problems.

Mists should always be hydrating and refreshing. You can prime your skin with mists before makeup and can spritz throughout the day to revitalize your look.

If you need a toner or a mist, you can be your most beautiful using them with Whole Beauty Skincare. This is where you will find the right toners and mists to nourish your skin and make it feel amazing!