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Osmosis Skincare Perfection Pigment Correction Serum

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Perfection Pigment Correction Serum


Lightens dark spots like scars, melasma, liver spots and sun spots

Suggested skin types and conditions:

All skin types that suffer from hyperpigmentation.

Instructions for use:

Shake well. On clean skin, spot treat pigmented areas morning and evening. First, apply 1 pump of product from the copper pump and massage into the skin. Then, apply 1 pump of product from the pearlized pump and massage into the skin. Spray pigmented area with an Osmosis Activating Mist and gently massage.
    Osmosis Perfection Pigment Corrector reduces dark spots, liver spots, scaring, melasma.
    Osmosis Perfection Serum is a gentle spot treatment using a 2 step process to lighten unwanted pigment.
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