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Massage Therapy


Choose from a variety of professional massages designed to make you feel rejuvenated, relieve tired or sore muscles, and ease your stress. Soothe away your troubles with a massage. Massage Therapy is deeply restorative to the body and soul. Realignment of the mind, body, and spirit improves life and supports to a healthy and happy you.

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Incorporating long gliding strokes and kneading techniques your muscles will relax and your circulation will be improved. This massage treatment focuses on the upper layers of the muscle and can increase your range of motion while stimulating the skin and nervous system. This is a perfect massage for balancing and harmonizing while creating an overall calm well being. You can request light or medium pressure. 

60 minutes - $90      90 minutes - $110      120 minutes - $135      


A Deep tissue massage is an effective way to reduce chronic muscle pain, tension, and be deeply relaxed. This massage treatment is more focused and stronger pressure is used to aid in injury recovery, reduce scare tissue, and improve postural conditions. After your session you should feel much lighter, reduced pain, and very relaxed.

60 minutes - $100      90 minutes - $125      120 minutes - $155


Smooth, polished, and water heated stones are strategically placed on key points to relieve stress.  The heat of the stones stimulate circulation, relieve muscle aches, and increase blood flow while relaxing the muscles. The stones are then used to massage and penetrate deeply into the muscle which will reduce pain and stress while promoting a very deep relaxation. 

90 minute - $125      120 minutes - $155


Our massage therapists are certified in Prenatal massage. They will perform a gentle massage that relives some of the natural stresses of pregnancy. Aches, pains, cramps, and swelling can be greatly reduced by treating yourself and baby to this wonderful gift. 

60 minutes - $90       90 minutes - $110


A massage treatment designed for athletes to improve flexibility, endurance, and relieve muscle soreness. Through targeting muscle-tendon points your range of motion will be greatly improved. If you are involved in regular physical activities sports massage should be apart of your plan to perform better and reduce the likelihood of injury. 

60 minutes -$95         90 minutes - $115


While inhaling the aromatic earthliness of this locally grown lavender experience your mind and soul will be pampered with our customized Lavender Salt Scrub. Your skin will look polished and bright, while feeling hydrated and silky smooth from the natural body butter massage. 

90 Minutes - $150


This delicious body treatment begins with a massage using our Lavender Tangerine body butter. You will be wrapped in a cacoon of warm blankets and your pores will open to absorb the fine minerals and vitamins from the body butter. While the Lavender relaxes your mind your therapist will continue to indulge your body with a foot scrub, facial mask, and scalp massage.

90 minutes - $150


CBD can be added to any massage treatment. CBD is Non-Psychoactive with anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agents that reduce inflammation in muscles and joints. This allows your massage therapist to work more deeply and effectively. CBD added to massage is a great way to relax and escape stress. CBD can accelerate the recovery and healing process for athletes. Injured connective tissue slows recovery and CBD can allow you to get back to being active faster. 

Massage Therapy

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