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Facial Skincare Treatments


At Natural Beauty Spa we will provide you a friendly, calm, and peaceful atmosphere. You will feel stress-free during your visit with our professional Estheticians.  Having a licensed Esthetician perform a facial is a great way to keep your skin healthy and vibrant. Facial treatments nourish the skin and promote a clear, radiant, and beautiful complexion. You can expect your skin to look younger, clearer, and feel firmer. You're going to love the personal care, attention, and results you receive from your treatment. Your facial skincare treatment appointment experience will be as follows:

Your facial begin with a knowledgeable esthetician providing you a complimentary consultation. We will discuss your skin concerns while performing a skin analysis. Once we understand the nature of your skincare goals we will give you a skincare solution to produce the results you want.

Your Esthetician will take you to a warm and cozy spa treatment room with a comfortable table made with a warm blanket and clean sheets. A chair and a shelf is provided for your personal items. Your Esthetician will leave the room while you get settled into the warm and cozy sheets. Then you will lie on the table, under the top sheet, face up. You will have a few minutes and you esthetician will knock on the door to ask if you are ready before entering your room.


Our facials begin with a vapor machine that applies warm steam to your face. The steam relaxes and softens the skin to receive treatments. It also opens the pours so that the skin can be cleansed, and blackheads extracted, with less effort. 


Thorough cleansing is an essential part of your treatment. Depending on your skin type we will apply an appropriate cleanser and make your face cleaner than it's ever been.  


We will be gently rubbing away dead skin cells so our facial products penetrate into the skin. Depending on your treatment plan we will either perform a mechanical or chemical exfoliation. Sometimes we use both methods.


Extractions are performed with a sterilized tool that removes blackheads and pustuals. Our Estheticians will be as gentle as possible during this process. It can be an uncomfortable process but is essential in the detoxifying process of getting your skin on the path to cleaner, clearer, healthy skin.


A facial mask will be chosen for the appropriate skin type. This is a step that puts you back into relaxation after the extractions. Whether it be to further detoxify, hydrate or calm the skin.


After choosing the appropriate facial mask and serum that targets your skin care goals, we will hydrate your skin with a light, medium or heavy moisturizer that best suits your skin. We than will follow with a sunscreen and a an eye serum.